Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Hey Fletch … I see on your site that you provide coaching. I am interested in the process and the price. I am currently in a split role of Children and Executive Pastor at church of 300. I greatly desire additional training but am presently lacking in funds for much—$39,000 isn’t worth complaining about but only goes so far when supporting a large family! Thanks for your time.

DRF—It sounds like an interesting journey for you at the church. This could be a great season of growth in your ministry. In your two ministry areas, there will be plenty of diversity. Kids one day and HR, legal, security, facilities the next. I would encourage you to get some good people on teams to help lead those areas.

The best coaching occurs in weekly phone calls and email exchanges. Personalized mentoring is a sounding board with someone outside the congregation who brings an objective perspective to strategic issues. It gives access to a person with broad knowledge and experience in leading the church. There are a great many things to cover, from giftedness to strategy, current ministry issues to future needs. The XP role is an interdisciplinary one with so much to master. The modern world is amazingly complex, a myriad of initials, such as FICA, SECA and ACA.

Some churches of 300 have funds to help you find a paid coach. If not, perhaps you could find a local XP who could mentor you. You could consider taking some of the XPastor Online Courses for executive pastors and church leaders. These can be audited or taken for credit.

God’s best to you in your dual role!