Saturday, January 19, 2019

Hey Fletch … I have taken the XP-Indicator on XPastor. The results really seemed to fit me. I like it so much that I paid for my wife to also take it on how she saw me. The problem arose that she sees me differently that I see myself. What now?

DRF—As all answers in the Hey Fletch column are anonymous, I can share your graph with the readers. Your responses show a strong Overseer (42) and Relational pattern (37). This pattern is seen in people who have a sense of leadership and do that in a warm and caring manner. Like strategy and the big picture, the Overseer-Relational values harmony and team effort.

Your wife has flipped the two dominant patterns. She sees you as a Relational-Overseer.

Her responses are even clearer than yours. That could be due to how she responds to these type of indicators, or she may see you as an incredibly strong Relational-Overseer.

Why the flip? The difference is a matter of perspective. She may feel the warmth of years of strong teamwork with you, great harmony, and knowing you from the inside out.

Though the charts appear different at first blush, they are similar. You are strong in Relational-Overseer and have a shadow in Administration.