Monday, March 26, 2018

Hey Fletch … I’m trying to research churches that have a double XP organization. We are thinking of an XP of Operations and an XP of Ministries. We currently have a Lead Pastor and then me, the XP. We want to split up my duties into the operations side and then hire an XP that the other pastors would report to. Currently we have a staff of six pastors including the LP. So the other five report to him, not to me. We want to go with me and the Ministry XP being the only ones that report to the LP. The worship guy, discipleship guy, youth guy and christian school guy would all report up to the Ministry XP. Are we on the right track? 

DRF—Have you read this popular article on XPastor: Three Kinds of Executive Pastors? What you have outlined has been done and can fit … depending on your organizational culture. The key is not overloading the LP with direct reports. If both the XP of Operations and XP of Ministry report to the LP, then the LP needs to do reviews, approve vacations/trips/conferences, etc. If you follow an Acts 6 model of having the LP focus on the Word, preaching, vision and leadership … then you want to give him enough hours to do that. Overseeing those vital staff positions takes time and energy. 

You are doing some great thinking here and are on a good path. Let me know what you decide to do.