Thursday, December 13, 2018

Hey Fletch … I was an XP over 20 years ago in a startup role when two churches merged. It has about 1,400 attenders. Since then I’ve been teaching in a university. I have an interview next week for an XP role in a church of about 200. Is there a step-by-step manual for being a startup XP? I need help if I should get this position.

DRF—I don’t know of a start-up manual for XPs, especially of smaller churches. Part of the challenge is that each church is different. I would suggest that you get an idea of what the church has in place already, if anything.

You could look through the major categories of articles on XPastor: Operations, Finances, Staffing, Strategy and New XP. 

  • Set a compensation grid for the employees, along with criteria for merit increases.
  • Establish a simple HR manual.
  • Consider what church policies need to be established.
  • Enhance the culture of volunteering and train people to use their gifts.
  • Establish a culture of generosity.
  • Set a fair budget that includes contingency for new ministry or emergencies.
  • Consider a 3-year staffing plan for growth.
  • Evaluate the current vision and how to implement it in strategic initiatives.

You have a great opportunity ahead of you!