Monday, June 25, 2018

Hey Fletch … Compared to five years ago, what skills, knowledge, leadership or sensitivity is needed to lead as XP in a growing evangelical church?

DRF—I’ve mentioned before that recently Matt Branaugh, an editor at Christianity Today, asked me why there are so many XPs in churches of 500 people in worship with $1 million budgets. The answer to Matt’s and your question is the same: complexity.

In the last five and ten years, so many issues have gotten more complex. The Affordable Care Act has changed the medical insurance landscape. Many churches now have security teams to thwart an active shooter. Federal tax rules are not getting any simpler and churches are doing a better job at complying with them.

The bottom line to your question, the number one ability is for the XP to be multi-disciplinary. They must have the ability to master many disciples, empower others to implement them and keep the church on the “true north of its mission statement.”