Friday, February 15, 2019

Hey Fletch … I read the Hey Fletch column of January 28 and was intrigued about the potential of a residency program. I’d love to be in one to learn how to be an XP. Any more on that?

DRF—I reached out to one XP who was considering starting such a program. He said:

I was attempting to get that started. Since last year we’ve changed direction to a co-op with a seminary. We’ll invite prospective students to consider a two-year paid internship as one of our staff while at the same time they take seminary classes from either live profs, in a Skype sort of format, or just a straight online class. Certainly as we get to see and know these interns (right now we’re hoping to start with five for this next year) we’ll get to pair them up with mentors in areas in which we might think they’d not only succeed but thrive. And, of course, one of those areas will be for XP. Always great to hear from one of my key mentors!

So, I don’t have any new information on this. Let me run this in Hey Fletch to encourage churches with both internship programs and possibly an XP residency program. Contact me know with the HeyFletch link.