Friday, September 14, 2018

Hey Fletch … I’d like to learn more about the XP role and perhaps become an XP. You recommended getting into a network with XPs. Right now, I only know one or two XPs. What is your advice on how to get better networked?

DRF—I would suggest that you ask the XPs that you know if they are in monthly or quarterly meetings with area XPs. A network of XPs is a great way to grow. So, try to get into their regular meetings. If they don’t meet as a group, try to meet with various XPs on a regular basis for coffee, breakfast or lunch. Learn from their experience. If there are not any area groups, you could start one!

Another way for meeting other XPs is to come to the annual XP-Seminar. It is the premier event for XPs. It will give you an amazing grounding in the role, meeting colleagues and leaders from around the nation.