Thursday, January 17, 2019

Hey Fletch … I’m feeling a little dry and out of contact with other XPs. What can you suggest to help me get connected with people leading churches of a similar size to ours?

DRF—I’m supposing that you are not feeling connected to other XPs in your area. Have you tried meeting with them as a group? Perhaps they need you to organize a lunch for all local XPs.

To get to know people from outside of your locality, come to the XP-Seminar in February. We post the size of churches in the roster, so it is easy to see who works at a church of a similar size. Tami or I would be pleased to make some connections for you as well.

The important thing is to take some action. We all need a friend in another church who can understand our issues. Sometimes we need to vent and other times we need candid advice. Search for some colleagues and grow!