Matt Steen and Todd Rhodes are putting together an interesting concept. They are summarizing 200+ articles that you need to know as a church leader from the past thirty days. It is a subscription-based service:

Here are three of their many articles covered in August:

  • Kingstone Releases New Graphic Version of the Bible: The first four volumes of a complete 2,000 page graphic version of the Bible will be released by Kingstone, a Christian publisher in Florida. The first four volumes cover the books Genesis to Judges with graphic illustrations that the publisher claims will rival those of Marvel comics. The rest will be released in 2014. Source: The Christian Post
  • Over 900 Reach Out to Adopt Down Syndrome Baby: When Father Vander Woude of Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Gainesville, Virginia found out that a couple in his area were about to abort their unborn child because of down syndrome, he asked for help. A social media posting about the immediate need for someone to adopt the child turned out hundreds of responses, with over 900 emails. The couple is working with an adoption agency to select a family. Source: The Washington Times
  • Charities Lobby to Preserve Deductions: The newly formed Faith and Giving Coalition is a group of charities who have joined forces to lobby the U.S. Senate to preserve charitable deductions as they seek to overhaul the federal tax code. The committee working on the tax code vows to focus on preserving deductions that stimulate the economy and line up with policy objectives. Source: Chronicle of Philanthropy

Enjoy this unique tool!