Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Hey Fletch … one of the challenges that I face as Executive Pastor is that everyone is pitching things to me. I feel like I’m “Dr. No.” There are tons of good ideas but we can only do so much as a church. Thoughts?

DRF—I know the feeling. I recently got a crazy email asking me to host an event with a local caterer. It was über strange. Part of the role of “top leadership” in a church is to field those emails. Whether from a congregant or the community, you need to respond in a gracious manner. Congregants get longer emails. For a business offer, perhaps save a draft email with a well worded decline that says something like: “Thanks so much for contacting us. We get so many good ideas but we can’t do all of them. I will get back to you if we are able to move forward with your offer.”