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Our 15th year

of powerful 

and motivating

speakers …

Tuesday—February 19, 2019

1:00-4:00 Pre-Seminar Coaching Workshop with Dr. Nathan Baxter—special enrollment needed.
2:00-4:30 Pre-Seminar Generosity Workshop with Brad Leeper—special enrollment needed.
7:30-8:30 XP-Seminar Registration and Dessert. We like to begin with an evening welcome and social in the Beverly Ballroom. Join us for this informal time to pick up your materials, get your free books from the huge selection, talk to old friends and meet some new ones. Coffee and a cookie dessert is open to all (spouses are welcome to join you for this dessert time!)

Wednesday—February 20, 2019

7:30 Full breakfast with a talk on ministry. We get the XP-Seminar kicked off with a focus on doing ministry. This year’s topic is you serve everyday—“In the darkness a light shines for the godly …” Psalm 112
8:30-8:45 Orientation by David Fletcher
8:45-9:30 Shining Light on Security in Your Church
9:45-10:30 Shining Light on The A, B, C’s of Campus Expansion, Adoption and Development—done with Compassion by Eric Rojas
10:45-11:30 Shining Light on Uncommon Financial Sense by Mike Batts
12:00 short-rideLunch with A Short Ride on a Hot Topic. As we eat, it is a time to hear a different perspective on church–innovative, creative, Jesus focused. Be challenged to continue on in life and ministry in this lunch.
1:15-2:15 Workshops: Session 1
2:15 Afternoon snack on first floor
2:30-3:30 Workshops: Session 2
3:3-4:45 Workshops: Session 3
5:15 Take an XP/SP friend to dinner! Schedule it early with someone from your state or similar-sized church. We saw scores of people do this last year.

Thursday—February 21, 2019

7:45 Breakfast–a great time to network
8:45 Keynote Session
10:00 Keynote by Carey Niewhof
11:00 Break for Lunch—Pick up lunch outside the Ballroom and take it to a workshop
11:30-12:30 Lunch Workshops: Session 4
12:45-1:45 Workshops: Session 5
2:00-3:00 Workshops: Session 6
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