Will there be people from my size church?2016-10-12T11:01:54-05:00

What you will find is people from a church of similar size to yours!

2016 Seminar Attendees Churches




Who is invited to this event?2016-08-07T10:15:27-05:00

This is primarily designed for Executive Pastors and others who lead and manage the local church. Board members and other church leaders also learn with the XPs. Senior Pastors also come, as well as those preparing or considering the role of the XP.


Where is the event held?2016-10-12T11:01:54-05:00

We hold it at the Dallas/Park Cities Hilton.

Hilton Dallas/Park Cities
5954 Luther Lane
Dallas, Texas 75225

Read more about the hotel on this page.

What’s the benefit?2015-09-26T13:44:20-05:00

There is that often quoted saying, “Those who do not learn the lessons of history, they are prone to repeat its mistakes.” This event is for people who want to grow and learn. They want to network with other leaders. They want to know about cutting edge ministries and great historical practices.

This is a terrific place to find new ministry colleagues—people who are doing the same ministry function that you are. Most pastors do not have a sounding board, a colleague, or a friend in another church—this makes it hard to get objective advice! This seminar provides an environment where networking happens.

Weather in February2017-08-30T16:27:21-05:00


  • January—Every four years, Dallas has snow or ice for a couple of days and the entire city stops for at least 24 hours. Otherwise, temperatures can swing from mild to cold to cool. Bring a coat.
  • February—Temperatures may be cool to mild. Sweaters are needed during the day and evening. Every 6-10 years, Dallas can have one day of snow in February.
  • March—Temperatures swing from mild to warm.
Videos & Photos2019-06-20T13:12:23-05:00

Photos from 2019

The keynote sessions are a content-rich time to learn. Take home deliverables for your church.

It’s never a dull moment at the Seminar. The days are full of vital information for your church.

By sitting around tables, discussion is easy. Get to know other church leaders.

Whether in the 25 plus workshops, through individual discussions or in the keynotes, bring a pad of paper, tablet or computer to take notes.

In 2019, after Carey Nieuwhof spoke on Spiritual Leadership, he takes a picture of William Vanderbloemen …

… while William was delivering his keynote address on Hiring: Behind the Scenes Lessons in Interviewing.

Video of Larry Osborne

You can get a taste of the XP-Seminar large group time in this 60 second clip of Larry Osborne at the 2013 XP-Seminar.


Personalized Discussion

Our breakout sessions are workshops of 10-30 people around pertinent topics to leading and managing the church.

National Leaders

On each day, we will have workshops led by some of the best church leaders from North America—people who are coming up with innovative solutions in ministry.

Learn from your peers

Whether in the workshops or around the tables in the main room, they are your peers. They are church leaders who speak from their areas of expertise. They talk to you as “one skilled leader to another.”

Prior Years

Travel to Love Field Airport2019-06-11T15:06:13-05:00

The hotel is located just 10-20 minutes from the Love Field regional airport (DAL)

  • Love Field is a major hub for Southwest Airlines, 800-435-9792.
  • Rental cars,taxis, Uber and Lyft are available.
  • Fee-based shuttle service is available.
    • City Shuttle, 214-760-1998
    • Super Shuttle, 800-329-2000
    • Yellow Checker Shuttle, 214-841-1900
Travel to D/FW Airport2019-06-11T15:07:48-05:00

The hotel is located 25-45 minutes from the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport (DFW)

  • DFW is a major hub for American Airlines, 800-433-7300.
    • Many other airlines are serviced at DFW.
    • Visit the DFW website for more airport information.
  • Rental cars, taxis, Uber and Lyft are readily available.
  • Fee-based shuttle services are available.
    • City Shuttle, 214-760-1998
    • Super Shuttle DFW, 972-456-3128
    • Yellow Checker Shuttle, 214-841-1900
Things to do in Dallas/Fort Worth2015-09-24T15:09:08-05:00

Local Attractions

  • American Airlines Center (Dallas Mavericks), 4 miles south
  • Cowboys Stadium (Arlington), 20 miles
  • Dallas World Aquarium (family fun), 6 miles south
  • Dallas Theological Seminary (education), 10 miles south
  • Deep Ellum District (music), 6 miles south
  • Galleria Mall (upscale shopping), 5 miles north
  • Hall of State/Fair Park (education), 9 miles south
  • Highland Park Village (very upscale shopping), 2 miles south
  • Hurricane Harbor (water park), 24 miles west
  • IMAX/Science Place (family education), 10 miles south
  • Malibu Entertainment (go-carts), 6 miles west
  • NorthPark Center (upscale shopping), 2 miles east
  • Old City Park (historical education), 8 miles south
  • Owens Spring Creek Farm (showcase farm), 13 miles northeast
  • Palace of Wax/Ripley’s Believe It (amusement), 18 miles west
  • Six Flags Over Texas (amusement park), 23 miles west
  • Sixth Floor Museum/JFK Memorial (education), 6 miles south
  • Southern Methodist University (education), 3 miles south
  • Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (education), 40 miles west
  • Texas Motor Speedway (rnnn rnnn), 37 miles northeast
  • West End Market Place (varied shopping and food), 5 miles south
  • West Village Shopping (upscale shopping), 4 miles south
Special XPastor Hotel Rates2019-06-11T15:04:22-05:00

Enjoy a special rate at the Hilton Dallas/Park Cities. The special rate will be available until January 30, 2020 or until the group block is sold out, whichever comes first. Guests wishing to arrive early or stay late may do so, based on availability. Click on this link for the page about the Hilton.

Senior Pastors2016-10-12T11:01:54-05:00