The role of the Pastor of Ministry and Leader Development of Lakeland Church in Gurnee, Illinois is to assist the Senior Pastor (SP) in overseeing the life and direction of the church under the governance of the Board of Elders (EB) and as a member of the Senior Leadership Team (SLT). The Pastor of Ministry and Leader Development (PMLD) will be responsible for:

1. Strategic Leadership

  • Working closely with SP in order to understand his heart and church goals, and offer truthful input to him as a colleague.
  • Helping construct strategies that lead to organizational development as we fulfill our mission and vision and then implementing those strategies through the staff.
  • Facilitating and monitoring progress towards strategic goals of staff and ministries.
  • Maintaining boundary principles for Carver Governance Model.
  • Evaluating effectiveness of ministries of the church.

2. Staff Supervision and Development

  • Providing leadership and supervision to the staff team as a partner of the SP.
  • Fostering clear communication between staff and EB.
  • Creating a healthy and positive staff ethos.
  • Developing and implementing Leadership Development Pathway through staff and leadership structure of Lakeland.
  • Implementing the on-boarding and off-boarding process for staff with SP.
  • Creating and overseeing effective HR team for all paid staff.
  • Understanding church budget development and oversight.

3. Model Biblical Priorities

  • Living a biblical leadership (Titus 1:5-9  and 1 Timothy 3:1-7) in personal, family, and church life.
  • Modeling a reproducible “witness-lifestyle.”
  • Serving alongside elders, staff, and ministry leaders, shepherding people.

PMLD Search Criteria


  • Living relationship with Jesus
  • Character qualities of an elder
  • Humility and authenticity
  • Accountable
  • Comfortable with their brokenness/vulnerable
  • Optimistic and enthusiastic
  • Teachable/indomitable learner


  • A “builder”
  • Fast moving/organizationally oriented (LFYS)
  • Gathers talented leaders
  • Has a history of developing leaders to new levels of effectiveness
  • Leads process well
  • Experience in translating vision into strategy and action and able to lead leaders to carry out developing ministry plans
  • History creating performance markers and managing staff to them
  • Reads direct reports well and can give them what they need. Great listener
  • Can lead people with greater expertise in some areas
  • Creative problem solver
  • Experience in organizing and following through initiatives to completion
  • Good communicator in front of staff and leaders

Compatibility—with Lakeland

  • Embraces both sides of our Mission
  • Genuinely outwardly focused (or wants to go there)
  • Humility
  • Midwest culture is a fit
  • Motivated by transformed lives
  • Strong work ethic
  • Celebrates other’s success
  • Generous

Chemistry—with Senior Pastor

  • Friend
  • Supports Dan’s leadership and glad to serve Lakeland as his partner of ministry. Able to speak with Dan’s voice
  • Aligns with Dan’s leadership style
  • Loyalty a value, while able to push back
  • Pleasant and rewarding to interact with, yet able to have hard conversations when needed with staff without it taking tremendous energy to do so
  • Experience in discerning and driving clarity throughout and organization
  • Optimistic, yet able to help us understand the problem we are solving before we solve it and the realities of what saying “yes” looks like
  • Experience in helping an organization face and walk through hard decisions

Who am I (SP) looking for?

I believe Jesus’ Church, His people, are the beloved, blood-bought bride of Christ and the temple of God’s Spirit in this world. Her redeemed people are indwelt by Christ and are re-newed, sanctified, and empowered by Him to live lives of growing worship of Christ and love for one another. These are the fuel and partnership of our reason for being here, the greatest mission in the universe, which is to equip and mobilize our people to “carry Jesus” into this lost and dying world. She is the most potent force on earth for healing and good, through whom God is bringing, and will bring, His Kingdom. Being a part of Jesus’ work in equipping and unleashing His church is the greatest calling in the world!

I am also convinced that the Church is made up of a body of believers, each of whom are necessary for the whole. In my calling to lead our church, Jesus has put in me a passion to go after “more than we could ask for or imagine.” He has wired me to evoke worship through preaching and teaching and through loving people. As people come to know and experience more fully the Lord Jesus Who is with them, their entire lives become a response of worship of the God who is with them. Worship is the epicenter for the life we want to multiply. It is also a powerful environment for people to encounter Christ for the first time.

He has also put into me an undiminishing inferno of passion to mobilize the people of God to reach our town, region, and world. Every page of the Bible shows us the heart of our Father, which is a reaching, pursuing, redeeming heart. He has placed us in this world to be His ambassadors, expressing [channeling :)] His healing and truth. Our people are fully alive to Christ when we are a part of His mission, seeing and loving every person we encounter. I long to see every one of our people be a part of people becoming Christians! I also dream of a day when every gift God has given His church is fully engaged!

In this next season of Lakeland, it is clear to me and the elders that in order to fulfill our mission, we need a partner for me in ministry and leader development. This person would join me in being an anchor for the leadership of our church. Their high calling is to partner with and support a Senior Pastor they believe in. I am praying God leads to us a person who finds their partnership with me to be spiritually encouraging and inspiring. We should feel joy when we see each other. They are real, aware not only of their strengths, but also their brokenness, and are authentic. Our partnership would be beneficial to both of us, not only personally and spiritually but also professionally.  Loyalty is a value for them, while at the same time, being able to push back and help us be the best version of ourselves we can be.

As part of the culture of Lakeland we are developing, this person would have an active, vibrant walk with Christ. They lean into being out-wardly focused as a Christian. They enter easily into a team with humility (i.e. Andrew Murray’s definition). This person is optimistic, believing Jesus wants to help us overcome barriers in order to fulfill our mission. They are generous with their time and talents, while embracing living a healthy lifestyle.

In terms of this role, helping me draw out our vision and manage our team to turn vision into reality should be a demonstrated area of strength and joy. They should thrive in “writing on people,” gathering, developing, and multiplying leaders. They should also find turning vision into reality through other leaders to be energizing. As a partner to a Senior Pastor who is an innovator/early adopter, this person should find it easy to help us find and keep focus and carry initiatives through to completion while being nimble enough to respond to opportunities Jesus brings.

As my compliment, they should be pleasant and rewarding to interact with, yet be able to have hard conversations when needed with staff without it taking tremendous energy to do so. Driving clarity through our staff and leadership is greatly needed. Helping lead process on church wide goals that help us accomplish our vision, creating and managing staff to performance markers to accomplish those goals should be an engaging thing for them. While their primary ministry is through others, they are strong enough in “prudence” and “diligence” to see to it that ministry gets carried to completion.

In the months immediately before us, this person is joining a church and a staff team that has had a lot of transition. I return from a sabbatical with a fresh sense of calling to Lakeland. Our first priority is a fresh vision for this next season. It is also then moving towards a staff team that is cohesive, clear about where we are going and their contribution to this, developing in their gifting, and passionate to move together, aligned to our vision. We will be moving towards a staffing structure in this next season that is different from our current roles. Moving of our current team to fill those roles, or helping us find the team that can, is a critical piece of this next season.


Send resume to Dan Weyerhaeuser at [email protected]