Mountaintop Church in Vestavia Hills, Alabama is looking for an Executive Pastor. The role of this position is to provide leadership to the operations that support the mission of the church and to partner with the Senior Pastor to empower the church’s ministry leaders. The Executive Pastor assists the Senior Pastor in overseeing the life and direction of the church.

Job Description

The leadership of the Executive Pastor will be provided through many activities, including:

  • Partner with the Senior Pastor to clarify and execute Mountaintop’s overall goals and objectives.
  • Assist ministry leaders to implement the goals and objectives of each ministry.
  • Serving as a staff liaison to the Board of Directors.
  • Ensuring staffing, facilities and programs are appropriately and effectively aligned to best meet strategic goals.
  • Fulfilling other pastoral and administrative duties as requested by the Senior Pastor.

The Executive Pastor oversees and implements the administration of Mountaintop through staff, volunteers and consultants (as needed). The Executive Pastor’s responsibilities include:

  • Serving as the chief financial officer providing oversight and direction of financial functions of the church including: financial campaigns, cash flow, contributions, insurance, banking and financing, payroll, leases, budget development and administration.
  • Overseeing the campus to ensure the facility use and maintenance are consistent with Mountaintop’s ministry strategy. Providing oversight to property purchases and leases and the design, construction and operations of existing and future facilities.
  • Ensuring the church’s technology infrastructure creates efficiencies and allows for continued ministry growth and innovations. Primary technology systems include but are not limited to church management solutions, accounting software, computer network, telecommunications and technology systems to support the creative arts.
  • Serving as human resources manager and/or supervising staff or lay leaders performing these functions. Overseeing insurance and other benefits, conducting performance evaluations, and providing on-going informal performance feedback.

To successfully meet these responsibilities, it is expected that the Executive Pastor will:

  • Model a strong work ethic to staff and volunteers balanced with a commitment to spiritual, emotional, physical and relational health.
  • Be a strategic thinker, creative problem solver and decision maker able to work independently within the values and mission of Mountaintop Church.
  • Be a lifelong learner consistently looking for ways to grow personally, professionally and spiritually and to help others grow.
  • Delegate responsibility to staff and volunteers while providing accountability and support.
  • Be an effective communicator with staff, volunteers and members.
  • Reflect Mountaintop’s values of servant leadership, shared leadership and excellence that honors God.

The Executive Pastor:

  • Reports to the Senior Pastor.
  • Is the Vice President of the LLC and liaison to the Board of Directors.
  • Is a member of the Directional Team and Pastoral Staff.
  • Supervises the Controller, Director of Facilities, Director of Mountaintots Christian Day School, Harvest Bookstore Manager, Membership Services Assistant and the Church Receptionist.

The ideal candidate would have a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree with a focus on business, leadership or administration. A ministry degree is not required.

The ideal candidate would have experience both in the marketplace and in a church context. In the past, the position has been filled by high-capacity retired business persons. The ideal candidate would be years away from retirement.

Our staff is currently made up of individuals from coast to coast and we are open to candidates from anywhere.

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