Grace Chapel is a non-denominational, multicultural church in the evangelical tradition that welcomes everyone, regardless of faith background or where a person is on his or her spiritual journey. Grace believes that life with God doesn’t just make our lives better; it makes us better for the world around us.

Grace began in 1948, when a few families in Lexington, Massachusetts started weekly gatherings in their home for a time of worship, Bible study, and prayer. Since incorporating in 1956, Grace Chapel has grown from a few dozen people in a rented space in Lexington to 4,000 people coming together for Sunday services and midweek programs across five campuses: Lexington, Wilmington, Watertown, East Lexington, and Foxboro.

Grace’s worship services are casual, contemporary, and upbeat (the music at the 9:15 am service at the Lexington campus is more traditional), and the church offers Sunday morning programs for kids and students at all of the five locations.

Grace Chapel welcomes people from many faith backgrounds, and embraces a variety of Christian traditions. The church has enjoyed remarkable unity and stability over many decades. To learn more about what Grace believes, see the Articles of Faith at the link below.

Grace is a congregational church, and the Annual Meeting is an opportunity for members to vote on the budget, nominations for church offices, and other aspects of church life. The elder board, composed of staff and lay leaders, provides leadership and guidance to the ministry efforts of Grace Chapel.

Bryan Wilkerson was called as Senior Pastor in September 2000 and is well-loved for his leadership, preaching and genuine heart for the Lord. With the upcoming retirement of Executive Pastor Bill Burke, the Grace search committee is seeking the right partner for Bryan and the right leader of a complex, multisite, multi-layered ministry team of 70+ dedicated pastors and staff as Grace continues to grow.

The Executive Pastor Position

The Executive Pastor will serve Grace Chapel by providing strategic and operational leadership for the staff and ministries of the church, in partnership with the Senior Pastor.


  • Ensures the integration of Grace Chapel’s vision into all key aspects of ministry.
  • Promotes a healthy culture of teaming, trust, clear and regular communication, safety, personal care, diligent work, high morale, creativity, inclusion, and affirmation.
  • Is a key connector of all the principal staff, campus leaders, and elder voices which speak into the leadership life of Grace Chapel.
  • Sets the rhythms and patterns of the Executive Team and the Management Team.
  • Coaches, mentors and evaluates the Pastor of Central Ministries, Director of Ministry Support, Pastor of Campus Development, Pastor of Staff Development, Pastor of Stewardship and Executive Assistant.
  • Builds an ongoing culture of personal and professional growth and learning for all staff.
  • Oversees the hiring, supervision, evaluation, and termination of all employees, including compensation packages.
  • Ensure an effective and timely budget process, in cooperation with the Director of Ministry Support and the Elder’s Finance Committee.
  • Monitor attendance, finances, membership and other trends relevant to the health of the church.

The Ideal Candidate will be:

  • An experienced organizational expert who can lead a complex, geographically-dispersed team.
  • An experienced motivator and nurturer of teams who has previously developed strategies to implement a vision effectively.
  • Someone with change management experience.
  • An extroverted, nurturing servant-leader who is passionate about relationships and will care for staff.
  • Someone who affirms and wholeheartedly supports women in leadership.
  • A leader who is completely committed to the “one church, multiple-location” model of Grace.
  • Someone with a significant history of pastoral and/or lay leadership in a church setting, preferably multisite.
  • A leader who has succeeded at helping an organization grow and advance.
  • Someone with high emotional intelligence.
  • A person with the right balance of being a trusted “chief of staff” for the Senior Pastor without being a gatekeeper.
  • A strong financial leader who manages resources appropriately and efficiently.
  • Someone who doesn’t see everything in black and white, but will be somewhat flexible and can manage uncertainty without rigidity.
  • A leader who embraces new ideas and innovation and likes to see progress and updates.
  • Someone who fully embraces the welcoming culture of Grace.
  • A person who enjoys managing by walking around.
  • Comfortable with giving some control and autonomy to the individual campus leaders.

Education and Experience Required:

  • Mature and experienced (5-10 years+) in previous leadership roles: leadership dynamics; mentoring and discipling leaders; building healthy teams; encouraging an innovative spirit among team members, while building unity; bringing out the best in leaders and in teams of leaders; supervising others; collaborating with others.
  • Proven administrative skills.
  • Applicants of any ethnic background or gender are encouraged.
  • Multisite church experience preferred, but not required.
  • M. Div. not required, but the degree or equivalent in life experience/training is a plus.

Executive Pastor Opportunity Profile

More information about the church, responsibilities and opportunity can be found in the Grace Church Opportunity Profile.


Email resumes to Tommy Thomas with Job Fit Matters at [email protected]