Executive Pastor – Austin, Texas

///Executive Pastor – Austin, Texas

Executive Pastor – Austin, Texas

Austin Christian Fellowship (ACF) is a multisite church in the Greater Austin area, with one campus and currently four site communities. We are an others-centered church that embraces the privilege and responsibility of taking the Gospel to our communities, to Greater Austin and to the nations. We partner with other churches and non-profit organizations—worshiping, praying, and working together so that others may come to faith in Jesus Christ.

We are seeking Executive Pastor candidates that possess at a minimum the following:

  • Character that is “above reproach” and has demonstrated the ability to inspire similar behavior in others.
  • A personal commitment to prayer, and a strong example of obediently walking by faith, particularly in managing church finances.
  • A demonstrated ability to lead a diverse multisite organization and a talented executive staff and to thrive on an executive leadership team.
  • 10+ years of diverse ministry leadership experience or commensurate marketplace experience.

Job Description

Purpose of Position (Strategic Objective)

In conjunction with the Senior Pastor, the strategic objective of this position is to provide primary leadership and day-to-day supervision to the Community Pastors (CPs), the Director of Missions (DoM), and the Director of Operations (DoO); to provide overall management to ACF’s business and ministry functions; and to provide assistance to the staff and church in implementing ACF’s Strategic Plan. The Executive Pastor serves as the Senior Pastor’s “go-to” person for implementing his vision and strategy throughout the organization.

General Summary

The Executive Pastor is the “officer-in-charge.” He is the immediate supervisor of the Director of Missions (DoM) and Director of Operations (DoO), and, in cooperation with the Senior Pastor, provides supervisory administrative leadership to the Community Pastors (CPs). He is responsible for coordinating with the Overseers and Senior Pastor to prayerfully craft and articulate a clear and workable strategic plan, and work with the CPs, the DoM and the DoO to execute the strategic plan. He assists the CPs in ensuring their respective ministries align with ACF’s strategic plan. The ExP provides leadership and services to the entire church that free up the Senior Pastor so he can devote more time to prayer, teaching, writing, leadership development, outreach and vision casting. The ExP also functions as the chief operating officer/chief financial officer of ACF’s corporation.

Critical Functions and Responsibilities

1. Oversight of all the business and ministry functions and supervision of the Community Pastors. (75%) The Executive Pastor would serve as the administrative direct report for Community Pastors. The Executive Pastor will lead, manage and evaluate these team members in their respective areas of ministry. Sample responsibilities include:

  1. Assisting with sharpening the skills of the Community Pastors (CPs), Director of Missions (DoM) and Director of Operations (DoO), as they lead and shepherd their direct reports.
  2. Ensuring that all financial, legal, human resources, insurance, facility and information technology functions are running smoothly, effectively and efficiently.
  3. Establishing, evaluating and improving on ACF’s systems, policies and practices.
  4. Ensuring staff members have current, written, agreed-upon performance plans and reviews.
  5. Encouraging effective teaming and accountability among members, including that all staff adhere to ACF staff values.
  6. Calling and conducting Community Pastors Team monthly meetings, and periodic off-sites.
  7. Performing periodic evaluations and salary recommendations.
  8. In partnership with the Senior Pastor, acting as the final authority for resolving all staff issues (except for Overseer involvement in moral failures).
  9. Providing occasional “skip-level” leadership encouragement for CPs, DoM and DoO.

2. Strategic Planning. (15%) The Executive Pastor would be responsible for helping develop, capturing, communicating and executing to ACF’s strategic plan. He would plan and facilitate strategic planning meetings and translate those meetings into a workable plan. He would champion ACF’s vision, and inspire and empower ACF staff to implement that vision.

3. Overseer/Leadership. (10%) The Executive Pastor will serve as a “coach” to advise the Senior Pastor and Overseers. As appropriate, he will also serve as “shepherd” for ACF’s top level leaders.

Additional Functions and Responsibilities

  1. The Executive Pastor will wholly represent the Senior Pastor and ACF’s vision, and act as the Senior Pastor’s surrogate in leading-the-charge to walk obediently “by faith” in managing ACF’s finances.
  2. The Executive Pastor will be a standing member and facilitator of the Overseer (Board of Directors) meetings, and likely be an ACF corporate officer.
  3. Provide ministry assistance in crisis and emergency settings, as needed.
  4. Contribute to ACF publications, as needed.

Complete Job Description PDF

For further information about ACF, please visit our website under “About us.”

If interested, please send your cover letter and resume to [email protected].

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