Orchard Hill is an inter-denominational Christian church, located in the Pittsburgh area, where everyone is welcome. Whether someone is a follower of Jesus Christ or still considering if God has a place in their life, this is a community where they can explore faith and the reality of Jesus Christ. Watch Video.

To apply please visit the Opportunity Profile on The Dingman Company website.

Position Responsibilities

Oversee and supervise the staff of Orchard Hill Church

  • Directly lead the major department heads.
  • Create and cultivate a climate and culture in which the staff is passionate about their faith and their work, excel in their efforts and enjoy a healthy quality of life.
  • Develop staff structures as needed.
  • Handle staff problems and conflicts as necessary.
  • Oversee staff performance and process.
  • Ensure the successful shepherding and development of the staff.
  • Coordinate key staff activities.
  • In partnership with the Senior Pastor, take direct responsibility for hiring and dismissal (and related personnel functions) of the ministry staff. Be responsible for indirect supervision of all other employees through the various team leaders.

Coordinate and integrate all the ministries of Orchard Hill Church

  • Ensure successful startup of new ministries.
  • Ensure the ongoing management/health of existing ministries.
  • Ensure communication between ministries.
  • Ensure successful implementation and execution of ministry initiatives.

Oversee implementation of Orchard Hill Church strategic plan as formulated by the Senior Pastor

  • In concert with the Senior Pastor, guide the long-range vision process of Orchard Hill.
  • Ensure that the Senior Pastor is sufficiently released and unburdened to pursue his vision casting and communicating responsibilities.
  • Partner with the Senior Pastor so that he may focus on the increasingly intensive responsibilities of public vision casting and overall church leadership, fresh and creative communication, entrepreneurial relationships in the community, and keeping his connection with God alive and robust.
  • Partner with the Senior Pastor in the design and implementation of strategic plans that support and provide appropriate action steps toward the accomplishment of God’s vision for the church.
  • Mentor and coach staff ministry teams to help them realize their God-given potential in alignment with the vision and goals of Orchard Hill.
  • Oversee day-to-day operations with an “inspect what you expect” style to ensure things are done with excellence, staying in touch with each member of the leadership staff.
  • Design and deliver a comprehensive training and leadership development process for the staff ministry team, and full staff.
  • Give direction to the Director of Finances in budget design and implementation, monitoring and evaluating the general status of the church finances, and awareness of the relationship and connection of finances to the spiritual maturity of the congregation.

Personal Qualifications


  • Must possess in an increasing way the character traits listed in 1 Timothy 3:1-6.


  • Must have a strong and proven background in leadership, management, and supervision.
  • Experience as an Executive Pastor in a local church of 1,000+ attendees is preferred.
  • A master’s degree or higher and some form of ministry training is preferred.


  • Passionate and driven to assist Senior Pastor with implementation of his vision.
  • Drives process, results, and details with excellence.
  • Understands how to reach the prevalent culture with the Gospel—no “church-ese”.
  • Problem solver/team builder.
  • Able to develop highly functional structures.
  • High EQ. Able to effectively engage in crucial conversations.

Professional Qualifications

The greatest requirement for a person in the role of Executive Director is a strong personal commitment to Jesus Christ and a love for His church. The person must demonstrate commitment to ongoing spiritual development and maturity and must be someone of impeccable personal integrity and moral purity.

Theologically, the candidate must be an Evangelical with deep appreciation for the authority of Scripture and an unswerving commitment to a biblically-based lifestyle. Overall beliefs must be consistent with “Orchard Hill Church’s Statement of Faith.” A theological degree is preferable but not required.

Professionally, a qualified candidate will be experienced as a senior executive leader of a church with a weekend attendance of over 1,000 and a budget over $2 million.  The candidate must have the deep understanding of church life that comes from active involvement and also having had significant lay leadership roles. Ideally, a candidate will couple Executive Director level experience with some type of prior business leadership experience.

A key expectation is that this person enjoys the supportive role of a #2 position yet is comfortable with the assumption of responsibility for a large number of people. The Executive Director position is for a leader who does not desire the limelight, but rather one who seeks to carry the vision into reality as a dedicated supporter of and complement to the Senior Pastor and his gifting. In addition, he or she should know how to develop leadership abilities in others and how to build and manage a large team. This is not a teaching role.

Most likely, the person qualified for this role will have a four-year college degree and some theological education. However, this is not mandatory if the requisite knowledge, skills and abilities are demonstrated through seasoned experience.

The ideal candidate will see the work of managing church staff and operations as an act of ministry and apply a profoundly spiritual understanding to the work.

To apply please visit the Opportunity Profile on The Dingman Company website.

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