The Baptist General Conference in Alberta (BGCA) is a community of 28 congregations located in the province of Alberta united by a common mission to help establish and empower missional, disciple making leaders and churches.

We are looking for a District Minister to join our Baptist General Conference in Canada (BGCC) leadership team who will lead the mission of the BGCA, in alignment with the mission of the BGCC. The candidate for this position loves God and has a passion for people and local churches. The candidate has both business and church leadership experience. The candidate is strategic, effective, a visionary that encourages spiritual and professional development and growth, and models a disciple making lifestyle. The candidate will stimulate healthy churches, nurture healthy pastors and build a conference that is financially sound.

The District Minister candidate must be able to fulfill responsibilities such as:

  • Church Assistance in resolving issues, providing consultation, assisting with ministry goals and objectives, visiting churches, preaching, attending and facilitating special occasions, assisting with pastoral searches and advising on employment opportunities.
  • Pastoral Assistance in coaching pastors, praying for, listening to, encouraging, and developing a pastoral accountability network, and providing resources for spiritual and professional development, counseling and helping in crisis.
  • Visionary Leadership in articulating and leading in the vision and mission of the BGCA, in alignment with the BGCC by coaching leaders and churches in the vision.
  • Church Planting by encouraging and leading in cooperation with the BGCC.
  • Administration by upholding the policies and implementing the decisions of the BGCA, overseeing finances and fundraising.

For more information regarding this opportunity and its requirements, please forward your resume and cover letter to [email protected]. The conference will accept applications until a suitable candidate is found.