Centerpoint Church in Murrieta, California is a dynamic community of believers committed to loving and leading people to a life-changing connection with Christ. We are a growing community and, as such, are looking for the right person to minister with us as our Chief Financial Officer. This person will be a strategic thinker, committed to the highest levels of accountability in financial stewardship, competent in their accounting, grace-filled in their management, able to lead and teach, and passionate about the vision and ministry of Centerpoint. This position reports to the Executive Pastor. Beginning salary range is $70,000 to $90,000 DOE with a full suite of benefits. If you are this person, consider whether God may be calling you to minister with us.

Job Description


To love and lead people to a life-changing connection with Christ.


  • Fun—We believe that having a good time together matters!
  • Impactful—We’re committed to making a positive difference together in Jesus’ name!
  • Growing—We are always moving toward God’s best!
  • Creativity—We want to be imaginative, original, innovative and artistic for God’s glory!
  • Accepting—We understand that we’re all a work in progress, so all are welcome here!
  • Passionate—We insist on expressing enthusiasm and lively excitement about life in Christ!
  • Supernatural—We desire to encounter the presence of God and engage our spiritual gifts!


To oversee and direct all aspects of Centerpoint Church’s Finance, Property, IT and Investment resources. To steward the body of Christ at Centerpoint Church and lead the body in going to the next level of faith in regards to tithing and investment in the kingdom. Work in concert with the Lead Pastor to accomplish the vision and mission of Centerpoint. Supervision: Accounting Manager, IT Specialist, Facilities Director.

This is a full-time, exempt position.


The CFO will be accountable to the Executive Pastor.


We are looking for a responsible and dynamic person with a passion for the Lord and His work at Centerpoint! This role interacts with all members of the church; staff, ministry leaders, volunteers and attendees. This person must have excellent organizational and financial skills and experience. Knows how to run a business. Has experience with construction projects and church management. Is a capable leader with great people skills. Is able to do all aspects of financial management, and the ability to provide strategic financial analysis pertaining to the larger ministry. It is expected that the person in this role is a regular attendee of Centerpoint’s weekend services, is spiritually mature and able to model the Christian life and financial stewardship. This person is a Covenant Member of Centerpoint Church and volunteers on a weekly basis outside of their regular work hours.


Strategic Planning:

  1. Responsible for developing strategic financial metrics to be used to inform strategic planning.
  2. Analyzes financial trends to determine the feasibility of strategic initiatives.

Banking and Lending:

  1. Oversees electronic banking and credit card processing.
  2. Reviews monthly bank reconciliations and G/L entries.
  3. Transfers funds within accounts to best manage cash balances.


  1. Oversees payroll transactions.
  2. Understands HR principles and works collaboratively with Administrative Director.
  3. Manages liabilities for vacation and sick leave benefits as legally required.
  4. Manages departmental cost allocation of payroll costs.
  5. Reviews benefit expense and liability accounts monthly.


  1. Works with Lead Pastor to establish an annual budget process.
  2. Builds budget files and revisions with Accounting Consultant until budget approval by Board of Administration.
  3. Oversees the entry of budgets into General Ledger system.
  4. Ensures that monthly financial results to budget show accurate variances to assist Lead Pastor in financial oversight of Ministries.
  5. Maintains Designated Funds for items such as Asset Acquisition and reports results to Executive Pastor.

Accounts Payable:

  1. Manages weekly processing of A/P for correct account coding.
  2. Oversees the processing of A/P into General Ledger.
  3. Manages annual reporting of 1099’s.
  4. Reviews check packages prior to going to be signed.

Accounts Receivable:

  1. Manages weekly processing on incoming receipts (cash, checks, and electronic) for accurate recording.
  2. Provides guidance regarding deductible categories of giving given legal restrictions and with the assistance of Accounting Consultant.
  3. Manages reconciliation of Subsidiary Ledger to General Ledger on a monthly basis with the assistance of Accounting Consultant.
  4. Implements subsidiary ledger setup and use, providing counsel and guidance to the selection of provider if a different provider is contemplated.
  5. Provides subsidiary reports to Executive Pastor as directed regarding donors and contributions.

Credit Card Reporting:

  1. Manages monthly coding of credit card transactions.
  2. Provides oversight in receipt collection and filing to support credit card transaction, advising on controls’ enforcement and procedures.
  3. Oversees the procurement and termination of new credit cards.

General Ledger:

  1. Oversees the preparation of journal entries to record contributions, payroll, checks, and other journal entries according to monthly closing procedures.
  2. Oversees the monthly bank reconciliations for review.
  3. Oversees journal entry to record credit card spending into G/L.
  4. Oversees preliminary monthly Budgeted Financial Statements.
  5. Oversees entries including accruals, deferrals and other account reconciliations with the assistance of Accounting Manager.
  6. Oversees the compilation of budget information for the new fiscal year into General Ledger.
  7. Fixed Assets reconciliation and depreciation calculations; summary of additions and retirements maintained.
  8. Provides reporting to Ministry Leads monthly and as requested to help them manage their budgets.

Year End Reviews/Audits:

  1. Works with Lead Pastor and Board of Administration in the selection of an outside independent accounting firm, through to performance of work in a timely manner.
  2. Works with outside accountants to prepare files for review/audit.
  3. Understands internal controls in place and works to improve these over time, documenting procedures and policies.

Cash Flow:

Manages all aspects of cash flow needs.

Oversees Information Technology:

Responsible for ensuring Centerpoint’s information technology infrastructure has integrity and meets the needs of Centerpoint now and in the future.

Building Construction:

Responsible for oversight and financial accountability for expansion projects and multisite development.


  1. Responsible for stewardship program development.
  2. Responsible for Building Campaign follow up and communication.
  3. Responsible for overseeing the collection of pledges—AFTO.
  4. Responsible for building a culture of financial discipleship at Centerpoint.

Purchasing Department:

  1. Develops and oversees all purchasing systems.
  2. Develops and oversees systems for inventory tracking.
  3. Oversees the purchasing and cost control of all Centerpoint Assets, ensuring that CP receives the value possible.
  4. Develops and oversees all procedures, providing accountability for the Management Team.

Information Technology:

  1. Responsible for ensuring Centerpoint’s information technology infrastructure has integrity and meets the needs of Centerpoint now and in the future.
  2. Church Management database.
  3. Accounting System.
  4. Network.
  5. Telecommunications.
  6. Giving platforms.

Property Management:

  1. Oversees property maintenance, development, and procurement.
  2. Responsible for all service contracts related to facilities.
  3. Responsible for property investment and development—all campuses.

Additional Responsibilities:

  1. Conducts themselves in a Christ-like manner.
  2. Is called to serve the body of believers and to encourage them in their faith as a “God-ordained minister.”
  3. Counsels, prays for and serves those in need physically and spiritually.
  4. Other duties as assigned.


  1. Degree in Accounting required—prefer CPA.
  2. Competence in accounting computer systems.
  3. Business and church management experience a plus.
  4. Three plus years of experience in executive upper-level financial management.
  5. Spiritual gifts of administration, leadership, and discernment.
  6. Ability to train non-financial managers in budgeting and financial planning.
  7. Ethical and trustworthy.
  8. Able to manage staff under their supervision in a Godly and effective way.


  1. Committing to daily quiet time with God.
  2. Participating in a Centerpoint small group on a regular basis.
  3. Setting appropriate boundaries to protect character and integrity.
  4. Developing personal evangelism opportunities within and outside the church.
  5. It is expected that the person in this role is a regular attendee of Centerpoint’s weekend services, and is a member of Centerpoint Church. All Centerpoint staff volunteer to serve in some ministry area in addition to their paid position.
  6. It is expected that staff of Centerpoint Church will tithe to Centerpoint Church. The unique nature of the church is that our salary comes from the worshipful offerings of all of God’s people. All CP staff are expected to participate in the same way, giving financially on a regular basis as a tither to further the mission of the church. We will never take for granted that God’s people’s giving allows us to receive part of our livelihood—and we will participate personally by tithing 10% of our income. This will help to create a culture of generosity, trust, and stewardship that makes our jobs with Centerpoint possible.
  7. Adhere to and encompass the qualities and characteristics required of Centerpoint Church employees, as defined by the Employee Handbook.

Centerpoint Church maintains an “employment at will” policy. This means that just as you are free to end your employment with Centerpoint at any time for any reason, Centerpoint is also free to end the employment relationship with you at any time for any reason, with or without cause or advance notice, as long as we do not violate any applicable federal or state laws.


Contact Courtney Smith, Administrative Director at [email protected].

PDF of CFO Job Description