At Crossroads Church near Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, we believe that a catalytic leader of the highest capacity is required in order for our shared ministry to go to the next level. While the responsibilities and skills detailed below are critical, we also believe that a heart for God’s Kingdom and demonstrated leadership skills, talents, and results are the foundation for success in this leadership opportunity.

The primary responsibility of the Adult Ministry Network Pastor is to provide catalytic leadership to a growing network of holistic groups at our North Fayette (Original) Campus, in a manner that expresses, supports and develops the DNA of Crossroads Church.

About Crossroads Church

Crossroads Church began in 1991 with a few families who had a dream of a church that would reach people who did not yet have a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. Founding and Lead Pastor Steve Cordle pursued this dream, taking the church from its humble beginnings at the Tonidale Restaurant, to the initial North Fayette campus in Oakdale, to where it is today: a multisite evangelical church with five campuses in communities surrounding Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Holistic groups are central to the philosophy of ministry and discipleship at Crossroads. This approach to church is deeply engrained in the DNA of Crossroads, so much so that Pastor Steve wrote a book on it entitled, The Church in Many Houses: Reaching Your Community Through Cell-Based Ministry. Additionally, through the power of prayer and the healing work of the Holy Spirit, Crossroads has seen many people healed from the addictions, afflictions and pains of living in a fallen world. Those who serve in leadership here welcome the activation of the Spirit—especially for healing and prophecy.


  • Provide catalytic leadership to networks of cell groups, rallying people to the mission of Crossroads—Changing the World by Making Disciples Who Make Disciples.
  • Help to shape the transformation of ministry from cell ministry to one that is more aligned with our goal of becoming a network of cells/house churches that gather weekly for worship.
  • Lead cell and house church networks:
    • Provide leadership and care of Network Pastors and other coaches, including staff and volunteers.
    • Facilitate both the spiritual and numerical growth of cell groups and house churches.
    • Create effective training and equipping for coaches and leaders.
  • Ensure the health of cell groups and house churches:
    • Develop key metrics to measure individual, network, and overall health.
    • Cast vision and implement robust cell and house church ministry in all of their roles in outreach, evangelism and connection, as well as discipleship.
  • Assess the current state of cell groups, create recommendations for change, working with the Senior Pastor and Directional Leadership Team to develop strategies for future growth and transformation, then implement those strategies.
  • Multiply cell group and house church network:
    • Multiply coaches and leaders.
  • Provide effective content to network leaders at all campuses.
  • Ensure that the DNA, Vision, and Values of Crossroads are communicated, demonstrated and infused into networks.
  • Accept overall responsibility for health and growth of networks.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.

Job Title

Title: Adult Ministry Network Pastor

Type: Full-Time

Reports to: Campus Pastor

Campus/Location: North Fayette—Oakdale, Pennsylvania

Revision Date: 10/3/18


  • Previous Pastoral or Ministry Staff experience, required.
  • Demonstrated success in:
    • Catalytic leadership in adult small group ministry, including cell and/or house church models.
    • Ministry that includes activating spiritual gifts, especially healing and prophecy.
    • Ability to recruit, train, equip & activate leaders and coaches.
    • Teach at a high-level.
    • Effective leadership, both directly and through other staff.
  • Working knowledge of computers, required.
  • Previous experience working with Google Suite, G-Mail, Planning Center Online (PCO), and Microsoft Office Suite, preferred.
  • Ability to:
    • Work independently in the absence of supervision.
    • Understand and follow oral and written directions.
    • Establish and maintain effective and courteous relationships with those contacted in course of work.
    • Communicate clearly and concisely, both orally and in writing.
    • Model behavior and actions consistent with core values of the church.

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