Resume of Zack Thompson

///Resume of Zack Thompson

Resume of Zack Thompson

XPastor has some samples of great resumes—either for you that need help in preparing your resume or for newcomers to the hiring process. It’s great to know what a great resume looks like. Below, David Fletcher offers his comments regarding the resume, as well as a link to the resume.

Resumes are changing lately. A couple of years ago, people enjoyed three and five page resumes. Now the trend is toward one and two page resumes. Zack presents an outstanding one-page resume, with links for more information. It doesn’t get any better than that!

Zack begins with an opening paragraph that orients the reader to his education and experiences. By presenting the paragraph with a gray background, he highlights its importance. As one who does a great deal of hiring, this helps me focus on the material. I immediately get Zack’s perspective on where his life has been, where it is now and where it is going. Nice touch!

The work experience section is clear—and the opening paragraph sets it all in perspective. There is wonderful use of color, deep red, in the headings. This parallels the same color used in his last name. The use of color begins to inform the reader that Zack knows that color and layout are effective tools. The dotted lines separating the section also help the reader focus. All of this tells me that Zack understands that ministry is about connecting and communicating with people. He has taken the time to understand that a church will get scores or hundreds of resumes—and his needs to and does stand out from the rest.

A head-and-shoulders photo should always included in the resume. Zack does this and also includes his postal address, phone number and email address. Notice that he also provides an address to his website so that more information can be obtained. This is brilliant. If I’m interested in Zack as a candidate, I can easily get more photos and ministry information. Again, brilliant.

I have seen Zack’s cover letter. He created a warm and personable cover letter. This is essential with a one-page resume. Coupled with his website, this rounds out a great resume.

Resume of Zack Thompson

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