Resume of Stewart Hackman

///Resume of Stewart Hackman

Resume of Stewart Hackman


Stewart Hackman
Revised Resume


Stewart Hackman
Original Resume

XPastor has some samples of great resumes—either for you that need help in preparing your resume or for newcomers to the hiring process. It’s great to know what a great resume looks like. Below, David Fletcher offers his comments regarding the resume, as well as picture links to the original resume and revised resume.


A while back, I received a first draft resume from Stu Hackman. He had been to the XP-Seminar and I like to help those who have been to an XPastor event.

You can see his original resume on the right and the revised resume on the left.

Stu asked for some advice, so here are some of the things that I wrote to him.

  • More than one page is fine for a ministry resume.
  • Your picture is good, but make it larger.
  • Include a picture at the end of you and Kristi.
  • ALL CAPS IS SHOUTING, even in headlines.
  • Rephrase your intro paragraph–don’t tell what you are looking for, but what you can do for the church.
  • You have some terrific experience–I would suggest that you maximize it. Perhaps use a quote from me or make it anonymous, “At least one-half of all new XPs come from business and not from seminary or pastoral roles.” You have terrific ministry and business experience–talk about it more.

Stu worked on his resume and sent a revised version. Take a look at it.  There are so many plusses to his resume:

  • Solid work experience in business and in the church.
  • Compelling and professional presentation of him and his abilities. This tells me that if I gave Stu an assignment, he knows how to produce quality material. This is what it is all about, right?  I want quality people and a resume where I can see the type of work that the person can do.

A resume is never a guarantee of getting a ministry position. There are many other elements! But getting your foot in the door with a great resume is a fantastic first step.

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For over 35 years, David has served churches from 1,000 to 8,000 members. As well as being a pastor, David is a spiritual entrepreneur. He founded XPastor as a global ministry tool for leaders of churches of all sizes. XPastor provides a website, an XP-Newsletter, the annual XP-Seminar, workshops, and online courses.