Resume of Amanda Herron

///Resume of Amanda Herron

Resume of Amanda Herron

XPastor has some samples of great resumes—either for you that need help in preparing your resume or for newcomers to the hiring process that need help knowing what a great resume looks like. David Fletcher put his stamp of approval on this resume and his comments are below, as well as picture links to the original resume and revised resume.



Amanda Herron
Revised Resume

Amanda HerronInitial Resume

Amanda Herron
Original Resume

Amanda’s old resume was plain and colorless. She wanted to work with kids and parents, so how should she present herself? Take a look at her revised resume. Amanda added a color theme.

  • She added a color photo.
  • She put the resume in Adobe Reader format. The old one was in Word. Remember that Word can look quite different on other people’s computers. Fonts and spacing can change dramatically.
  • Amanda also created a separate document of ministry photos (because of child protection issues, that document is not available on the web).
  • One suggestion would be to put her contact information on Page 2. You always want your name and email address on every page. Put them in the footer on Page 2 and any following pages.
  • While many ministry resumes are four to five pages, Amanda was concise and utilized two pages.

The result is a resume that does a great job of positioning her for a terrific ministry position. It lets the reader know of her gifts and experiences.

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