Resume Website of Kenny Smith

///Resume Website of Kenny Smith

Resume Website of Kenny Smith

XPastor has some samples of great resumes—either for you that need help in preparing your resume or for newcomers to the hiring process. It’s great to know what a great resume looks like. Below, David Fletcher offers his comments regarding the resume, as well as a picture link to the resume.

Kenny Smith created a resume website which provides all his information in a helpful format—including his education, corporate and ministry experience, and family information. This is a great example of a candidate that is representing himself using the latest technology.  David Fletcher recommends this kind of resume website and his comments are below, as well as a link to Kenny’s resume.

We used to create a Word document for a resume. Then, resumes went to PDF format and they grew to two, three and four pages. As the pages increased, we were able to learn more about the person. But, this was still static. Active websites now incorporate video and other media.

Kenny Smith created a website for his resume and job search. This is a great way for a church to learn about a candidate. There is a great introductory video. Kenny also includes:

  • Welcome and information about Executive Pastors
  • His experience, education and resume
  • His personal and contact info

Of course, I like his emphasis on the XPastor Online Courses! Kenny has been a great student and learned a ton in those courses. Kenny is one of those guys who has taken resumes into the digital age. Check it out!  If I was looking for an XP, I would be looking for a guy like this.

Kenny Smith's Resume Website

Kenny Smith’s Resume Website

Link to Kenny Smith’s resume website

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Tami Fletcher
Tami is the Director of XPastor and produces our events. She and David have been married for over 35 years and thoroughly enjoy doing ministry together, both through XPastor and at their church--EvFree Fullerton. Although David does the majority of advising of XPs, Tami does her share of encouraging and advising XPs, especially at the annual XP-Seminar.