Sunday, August 26, 2018

That is as Boring as Sin

I don’t know who created this aphorism. It is both true and false. The falsity is readily apparent. Doing “your own deal” with God’s moral precepts can feel like lots of fun. Few gossips who tear down the character of another will say that “it is boring.”

Solomon says that there is nothing new under the sun. Consider if we assembled a group of ten people. We then asked the first person to catalogue every misstep, sin, covert wrong and unknowing mistake that they ever made. It might be interesting to hear from the first person, perhaps even the second. By the third or fourth person, we all would be so bored. “Oh, that one again. That’s not very original.” We would say. 

We might even classify, sort and rank the sins. “Of money, sex and power … that one is a money sin, category greed, subtype theft by embezzlement, type 4c. We have heard that one before.”

Sin may be original for us, but in the scope of humanity, it has all been done before.