Sunday, October 14, 2018

I Was Standing There Following You When You Walked Away

DRF—Sometimes you hear a phrase and it sticks with you. My wife and I were at Disneyland more than 25 years ago. We heard a couple loudly accosting each other. The man said, “I was standing there following you when you walked away.” 

It doesn’t make any sense and that is what caused it to stick with us. Either he was standing in one place or he was following her. It couldn’t have been both! We all say the craziest things when we are angry. In a public place like Disneyland, everyone around you gets to hear your nonsensical accusation.

We use this phrase to remind ourselves as a couple to resolve conflict while it is small. When conflict does arise, try to simply state the facts and how you felt about them. Don’t inflate the issue with grandiose statements that often don’t make any sense.