In his first book, Tim Beltz guides the church planter on a profound yet simple journey to establish a new church—both legally and above reproach. Charting the Course is a practical and relevant guide to the brave church planters wanting to plant their church but lack the knowledge to do so. It’s a seminary class in a book … a class that isn’t yet taught at most seminaries. Tim has the experience to write the book. He was an XP at two large multisite churches and now is a church consultant and author.

The book provides the way forward in establishing a new nonprofit corporation in accordance with state and federal laws and regulations. Tim speaks to the underlying biblical principles that shape and frame the pre-startup tasks involved in a church plant. “Organization with virtue” sets the stage for viewing the required legal and business aspects by using biblical principles. The key ideas are stewarding, submitting to governing authorities and subverting the temptation of expedience. These principles provide the framework in which to describe the overall process and specific steps.

Charting the Course contains the sequence of the forms, documents, and activities for the church planter. Like a favorite food recipe, Tim outlines the ingredients necessary to file articles of incorporation, obtain a federal Employer Identification Number (EIN), prepare bylaws and much more. He offers sample forms and step-by-step instructions in order to reduce the mystery of the unknown and enable the church planter to have both confidence and competence in these legal matters.

This is a must read for individuals and churches that are going into church planting.

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