Below is a video from the Monday Morning Church Podcast, where Neil Miller interviews Executive Pastor David Fletcher. From David’s experience of being without a Senior Pastor for twenty months, he describes ten steps for a successful Senior Pastor transition. From “Mourning the loss of the former SP” to “Follow your constitutional process for affirmation,” David describes various aspects of being an XP during an SP transition. It takes an entire team of leaders and staff to successfully walk through such a transition.
The ten steps that David talks through on the podcast are:
  1. Mourn the loss
  2. Normalize great ministry and continue on
  3. Examine your constitution
  4. Use Harvard’s Question Zero
  5. Get some professionals involved
  6. Write a killer and detailed Opportunity Profile
  7. Establish your Search Team
  8. Celebrate generosity and great ministry along the way
  9. Find the candidate and superbly communicate the process, the people, him and his vision, his background and his family
  10. Have him speak and follow your constitutional approval process

Links to the podcast: