This video explores a different type of predator. This is a type of fraud, but not financial fraud. There are those who want to change your agenda and vision. Matt Steen and Todd Rhoades, Co-Founders of Chemistry Staffing, talk about this kind of predator.

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About the Speakers

Todd Rhoades is the Co-Founder of Chemistry Staffing. He has invested over 30 years in serving churches, having served as a worship pastor for over 15 years, a church elder for more than a decade, and in various ministry leadership roles in both the business and non-profit sectors. As the original founder and developer of, Todd fundamentally changed the way thousands of churches search for pastors and staff on the internet. Most recently, Todd’s work with Leadership Network has provided him exposure to the innovative trends in today’s church and inside knowledge of how healthy churches operate. He uses this knowledge to help churches find a healthy, long-term fit for their next team member. He is a graduate of Cedarville University.

Matt Steen is the Co-Founder of Chemistry Staffing. He has served the local church for over two decades as a youth pastor, church planter, and executive pastor. He has a B.S. in Youth Ministry from Nyack College and an MDiv and MBA from Baylor University. Certified as an Urban Church Planter Coach by Redeemer City to City and as a StratOp Facilitator by the Paterson Center, Matt has made a career of helping churches thrive through intentionality, clarity and creating healthy cultures. He is convinced that a healthy church is led by a healthy team with great chemistry, and loves partnering with Chemistry’s churches to do great things for the Kingdom.


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