Are you a ministry leader looking for practical insight and direction on the topic of succession planning? If so, I would like to make you aware of a new resource offered by Succession Framework℠. They provide a framework that helps leaders understand, develop and implement healthy and effective succession plans. Below is a description of their Succession Planning Video Library.

What is the Succession Planning Video Library?

The video library provides a framework to help you understand, develop and implement a succession planning strategy that fits your context.

Who is the video library for?

Pastors, Elders, Boards, and Key Ministry Leaders that are looking for practical direction in how to develop a succession planning strategy.

What makes the video library unique?

The visual aspect of the material enables leaders to “see” what a succession planning strategy could look like in their situation.

What are the specific features of the library?

21 videos are organized into four modules:

Module 1—The Process Module provides insight into three basic options ministries use for their succession plan.

Module 2—The Signposts Module walks you through five key areas to consider in your planning process.

Module 3—The Continuity Module shows how to prepare the people and the organizational structure for an eventual season of transition.

Module 4—This module brings everything together and shows how the principles in the Signposts and Continuity modules work within each of the Process options.

What value does the video library provide?


No two succession plans are the same, but there are similarities in how things work. The video library helps you see the questions you should be asking. The solutions you come up with will be yours. Your situation will inform the way you navigate each area. My role is to help ensure that key areas are not overlooked in your planning process.

Risk Reduction

Using the principles outlined in the Succession Planning Video Library will significantly increase your chances of implementing a healthy, effective succession planning strategy.


The video format allows you to access the content at anytime. You can watch the information in private or in your planning meetings. The content is formatted in a way that allows you to access the information you need when you need it.

“Will Heath has studied the subject of succession planning for several years. He has gleaned helpful statistics and learned practical lessons from hundreds of examples of transitions, both successful and unsuccessful. It has been my privilege to team up with Will in numerous transition seminars and I’ve witnessed first-hand how audiences have benefited from his expertise in this area. I’m confident the information in The Succession Framework will be extremely helpful to anyone planning to pass the baton of leadership to a successor.” —Bob Russell, Retired Minister, Southeast Christian Church, Louisville, Kentucky

“I am impressed by the many practical insights Will Heath has put together on the important topic of leadership succession planning. I believe many churches and non-profit organizations will benefit from what he has to say.” —Dr. David Faust, Past President of Cincinnati Christian University and current Associate Minister at East 91st Street Christian Church, Indianapolis, Indiana

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