Saturday, March 31, 2018

Hey Fletch … My question to you is ‘what is the purpose of the church’?

DRF—That’s a pretty broad question and I don’t know what perspective you are coming from. So, let me give a few thoughts from the New Testament.

One purpose for the church is to be a community. The community worships together, cares for one another and serves others in their society. It is not any kind of community, but a specific one. The community is a group of people who are following Christ—the members aren’t perfect, they stumble and fall, but they get back on the road of following Christ.

Tell me more about your question and whether your question relates to the article that you were viewing on XPastor. I’d be pleased to dialogue with you more.

Response—Thank you for your email. This question came up as part of a discussion for a class assignment. I was clueless. Hence my reason for asking you. I shared the same concerns that you have about the question. Your response was helpful. Thanks again.