Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Hey Fletch … I am a Senior Pastor here in Australia. We just formulated an Executive Pastor role description. I have operated as ‘leader of the leaders’ in terms of bringing values and vision. Some of the leadership wants us to operate as a level team—no leader of that group. The vision and values would equally arise from anyone in that group. Thoughts?

DRF—I would offer three items to consider: First, walk slowly. It may be time to add a new role in the church, or that may cause more rancor.

Second, grow the spiritual breath and biblical thinking of the new leaders. Accept as a working hypothesis their managerial input and advice. As our ethic is Jesus’ Kingdom, the church is more than “good business.” We should never settle for “poor business,” nor should we forget that our first priority is to “love others as Christ has loved us.” Before you get an answer to the church vision question, ensure that the leadership team is spiritually mature.

Third, get a good coach to work with you. There may be someone in your denominational headquarters. There may be another pastor near you. In this season, get competent outside advice every week—and let me emphasize “every week!”

In some churches, a leader other than the Senior Pastor creates vision. It isn’t common though. The issues that you raise are deeper than “who.” I would take plenty of time to explore the “why.”