Monday, February 4, 2019

Hey Fletch … We are wanting to come up with a new url for our church. What are your thoughts on what would be effective?

DRF—Many churches go with the name of their church as their url. This gives names like ‘FBCMegalopolis,’ or ‘GraceonElmStreet.” These are fine names. However, if you are in a denomination or have a more common church name, those names may be taken.

One of the best names that I saw recently was from The River church of Liberty Township, Ohio. They came up with ‘’ That one struck me as both original and directional. When I was at Grace Covenant Church of Austin, they had, and they still have, I have always loved that name. It signifies to me that grace is all around us. It is also fitting as the church is on Texas State Highway Loop 360. Can you imagine trying to type in the url, ‘’ 

Try to keep your url short and memorable. Keep it creative without falling into this year’s fad. Next year that fad will be out and you will be stuck with ‘’