Thursday, April 4, 2019

Hey Fletch … I’m a millennial and thinking about the call to prioritize and pursue discipleship in my own life, both upwards and downwards. Do you have any articles that I could read on this topic?

DRF—I found this article. let me know if it resonates with you, Millennials Aren’t as Cause-Oriented as You May Think. Often millennials are lumped into the category of cause-oriented. Like any generalization, it has valid aspects but doesn’t describe the entire picture. I was introduced to the author, Grant Skeldon, at the 2019 XP-Seminar.

I like how Grant begins the article:

Over the years, many leaders have become frustrated with millennials because they’re not as cause-oriented as they were sold to be. I remember someone once complaining to me, “Millennials aren’t activists. They’re slacktivists!”

I see his point. Still, young people do have a higher propensity toward causes than generations before. But what many leaders don’t understand is this: Millennials aren’t drawn to causes. They’re drawn to cause communities.