Friday, May 18, 2018

Hey Fletch … In the XPastor Compensation Survey, it states it is based on average weekly worship. Do children who go to Sunday school during the worship get factored into the church wide worship number? Thanks.

DRF—This must be the season for people asking about Compensation! Getting at worship numbers is a challenge. Folks are all over the map on this. If the kids are in the worship service for any amount of time, I’d suggest counting them—as they take up seats. Not a lot of churches have kids in the service anymore, so this is becoming a rarer issue.

What the number should represent is the average worship attendance. Some people want to put in the “Easter average,” which inflates numbers. As we want to be of help to other churches of similar sizes, we ask that you do your best to give an “average Sunday” attendance number. The data is posted anonymously, so no one is getting any “bragging rights” (and I say that tongue-in-cheek).

I have focussed four months on writing Smart Money for Church Salaries. This is my third book and we will be bringing 12 regional workshops around the country on that topic in the fall of 2018. Bring a crew with you, as pricing is better for a team than just one person.