February 12, 2018

Hey Doc … I have just been posted to a very small church in Africa, just 15 older people. What should I do to help grow the little church? What are some of the workable principles to getting the church to grow?

DRF—You are asking a huge question there. The great thing about retired people is that they have more time than working people. Here are a couple of ideas: 1) make your church as friendly as possible. Teach everyone to get to know newcomers, inviting them to lunch. 2) Though you have an older congregation, have a working nursery! Make sure it is clean and ready for a young couple. Staff it with some grandmothers! Love on those young moms. 3) Preach the clear and compelling gospel of Christ. 4) Talk about your church on social media. Be prepared for visitors and let them feel loved. God’s best to you in Africa!