Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Hey Fletch … We had a recent win! Last month, for the first time in many months, we had a full band. We stumbled into it without any great strategy for finding volunteers. Can you give some thoughts about how we can keep the band fully staffed with volunteer musicians?

DRF—Congratulations on your current win! Celebrate that with the band. Let them know how appreciative you are for their service to your church. You may want to throw a small party after rehearsal. Don’t let this moment go by without thanking them and celebrating the moment.

A first principle for working with volunteers is to celebrate their investment in your church. Many churches lose volunteers because they feel no appreciation for their time and skills. People want to understand their vital role in the mission of your church and want to be properly acknowledged for their part in it. Read through the end of Paul’s letters in the New Testament. See how often he acknowledge and thanked people for their service. Doing this will help you keep the band members that your currently have.

Another principle of working with volunteers is to consistently cast the net for new band members. A good rotation of musicians will allow for people to have a rest, to worship with their families and not burn out. Share this idea with your current band members. Ask them to recommend friends who could serve, so that everyone can have a regular break. Your best source of new musicians will be from recommendations of current band members.

Keep thanking folks for their service, casting vision for the purpose of their ministry and looking for good musicians to rotate in.