Saturday, June 30, 2018

Hey Fletch … Our church is moving from a cappella singing to including instruments in our worship services. How does this communication statement sound to you? “The shepherds have lifted a restriction that has been practiced at our church of singing a cappella only during Sunday morning worship. After an initial ninety days of discernment, there will be much to be discussed and decided about worship as we look to the future. Planning and implementation of worship will come from a decided upon grouping of core values of worship that we believe God prioritizes.

DRF—At the core, you are changing the culture of your church. To do this well takes both a good process and sufficient time. Some in your church believe that instruments do not belong in a worship service. Others have worshipped that way for so long that it is second nature. Still others long to have instruments.

Your plan allows for a test period, followed by a time of discussion. This lets everyone know that they can experience the new style of worship and then share their thoughts. You may want to have one service that remains a cappella and another with instruments. This may help people who have a strong cultural preference for one style or the other. Along the way, you will want to share the biblical reasoning for the trial and ultimate decision.

God’s best to you as you navigate the waters of cultural change!