Friday, March 23, 2018

Hey Fletch … Seems it is quite hard to find a job at a church unless you have gone to Seminary school. I live in Austin, Texas. Is there a certain website I should be viewing to find ministry jobs?

DRF—A Seminary education can open doors, but it’s not a golden key. More than half of all church jobs come through networking. I would suggest that you talk to five local pastors. Ask to meet each one individually for 30 minutes and get to know their church. See if there is an internship that might give you more experience to build a solid resume. Check back with them quarterly so they see your long-term interest.

You might consider an online degree. Check out the 30-hour online degrees at Dallas Theological Seminary. I teach there as an Adjunct Prof in the Doctor of Ministry program. If you want to meet for coffee sometime, I’m close to you. Let me have Scott Barfoot, Director, Doctor of Ministry Studies at Dallas Seminary.

Scott Barfoot—As you consider online seminary training and networking with pastors, ask about specific conferences related to your areas of ministry interest. For example, if you have an interest in serving as a executive pastor you might attend the XP-Seminar to learn more about leading in the church. 

A growing number of pastors and executive pastors hold secular degrees with little or no seminary education. Many feel called from the business and HR world to the local church. Others explore vocational ministry but God eventually confirms His call for them to remain in their secular work.

Depending on the Lord’s leading, networking, conferences, certifications and seminary education are some ways to build a bridge toward more effective ministry in your current workplace, or in bi-vocational and full-time vocational ministry.

Dallas Seminary can help equip you for ministry and we would love to have you learn with us.