Friday, April 6, 2018

Hey Fletch … You know, there’s a lot of material for counseling marriages. There is little out there that I’m aware of for counseling for pastors who take the shots and still have to lead. Managing the mental and emotional jungle when unforeseen chaos hits so close is something most of us have no category for.

DRF—I was thinking through your email and praying for you. Things like what you have described take a huge emotional toll on the pastor. Your board members may see something like this once in a blue moon. You, however, are preaching every week, doing counseling, working with staff … the spiritual weight is enormous.

Make sure that you get at least one day off in seven. God rested after six days of creation and so can you. Take care of your spiritual, physical and emotional health. Unplug. Turn off the smart phone and email after 9 pm. Ask other staff to handle after-hours pastoral emergencies. 

Get away from it all from time to time. The church can live without you while you recharge! Take a vacation or get away to a “pastoral retreat center.” Do an internet search to find a pastor’s retreat near you. I’ve heard great reports on many of these. Your church will love you more when you come back rested and ready for the ongoing challenge of pastoral ministry.

I’ll be praying for you.