Monday, November 19, 2018

Hey Fletch … A few months ago we discussed our pastor’s lack of retirement planning. You mentioned you could recommend a non-profit attorney for a consultation.

One of my “strategies” is to help our pastor qualify for Social Security, even though he opted out. He does have 28 credits, 12 short of the minimum. Can he be paid as a member of the band? Part of our worship team is paid and he regularly plays keyboards. Could you recommend a non-profit attorney?

DRF—You have a complicated question and need professional counsel. I applaud you for realizing how complex this issue is. It is far better to pay for professional legal advice now, than to have a myriad of legal fees later.

In several “Hey Fletch” columns, the firm Middlebrook | Goodspeed has been kind enough to give expert opinions on church issues. You can read the quality of their thinking in those columns. I would suggest that you contact David Middlebrook or Steven Goodspeed at The Church Lawyers.