XPastor tries to help churches by providing some of the essentials for running a church—items like job descriptions, employment applications, review forms and opportunity profiles. Below is the 2012 Pastoral Staff Evaluation Plan and forms from Village Bible Church.

The purpose of this evaluation is to provide a formal opportunity for open dialogue between the pastor and the elders on issues related to job performance, work ethic, environment and any other factors that have a relevant impact on how the employee achieves his/her job description. It also provides a summary of the achievements relating to the previous year’s annual goals.

The principle for developing a functional review is to make comments as specific and succinct as possible, and to prepare to support them in review dialogue as needed.

The process is as follows:

Local Elders

  • Individually complete the “Elder Review Growth Criteria” for each pastor.
  • Individually write a brief evaluation for each key area of the pastor’s job description—from your experience. We recognize that your knowledge may be limited in some areas, but answer the best you can. It’s helpful to share both strengths and opportunity areas. Forward to Executive Pastor for compilation.
  • Meet with Executive Pastor to discuss compilation.



  1. Pastor and Executive Pastor work together to establish incremental deadlines and dates for review meetings. Also determine leaders of ministries pastor oversees and send 360 evaluations to each of these leaders and the local elder team.
  2. Executive Pastor collects 360° reviews for each employee.
  3. Pastor completes “Pastor Self-Evaluation” and the elder evaluation form.
  4. Wife completes “Pastor’s Wife Evaluation” Process
  • Pastor’s wife completes the “Pastor’s Wife Evaluations (private)”—this personal one she gives directly to her husband—for his eyes only.
  • Pastor meets with his wife to discuss her evaluation. She then completes a second evaluation that will be shared with the elders.

5. Pastor and Executive Pastor meet to discuss evaluations.

Retreat Day 1: Afternoon/Evening

  • Prayer, rest and read “The Trellis and the Vine”

Retreat Day 2: Day

  • Prayerfully develops possible ministry goals for coming year as well as possible revisions to the job description.
  • Prayerfully consider personal goals for the coming year.

Retreat Day 3: Morning

  • Pastor and Executive Pastor meet to discuss ministry goals and growth plans for coming year. Elder Presentation.
  • Pastor and Executive Pastor meet with guiding and local elders to discuss ministry goals and growth plans for coming year.

View evaluation forms in original PDF: Pastoral Review Forms