Few staff members feel they can be completely forthright with their superiors concerning “tough situations.” This puts church leadership in a jam. How can leaders know how staff are feeling about their pay, work pressures and problems on the job? Mike Gould, XPastor’s Director of Connections and Leadership Consultant, shares his experience of how to get to know the health of a church staff.

Mike Gould is an accomplished senior leader, worship pastor and speaker who has served in ministry for over twenty years. He has pastored churches ranging in size from 300 to 3,000. Mike has helped his churches develop their unique culture. He is a strong builder and refiner of teams. His knack for developing church staff, hiring well, working out differences of opinion within teams and treating employees with love and dignity, contributes to the overall health of the organization. Mike has a God-given skill for identifying and understanding how congregations respond—or don’t respond—to their churches’ messaging, branding and communication. Mike has unique insights for identifying church culture, creating warm and welcoming environments, and for setting the desired “tone” for worship services. He seems to effortlessly help ministries adapt to better reflect their culture, values, and strengths.

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