Job Description—Executive Pastor

////Job Description—Executive Pastor

Job Description—Executive Pastor

XPastor has collected various job descriptions from churches, to aid you in preparing job descriptions for yourself or others on your staff. Below is the job description for the Executive Pastor of Walnut Ridge Baptist Church in Mansfield, Texas (over 2,400 in worship).

Function: Walk close with the Lord, allowing Him to lead you as you lead others.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Be responsible for the financial concerns of the Church
    • Manage the day-to-day financial affairs of the Church.
    • Financial concerns of the Church employees such as taxes, insurances and retirement benefits.
    • Work closely with ministerial staff and Finance Committee in developing, implementing, distributing, and managing the budget of the Church.
  2. Be responsible for managing the Ministerial staff.
    • Implement and enforce the Employee Handbook.
    • Work with ministerial staff in managing, developing, and evaluating their respective ministries and job performance.
    • Work closely with the Pastor and Personnel Committee in managing, budgeting, and meeting the needs of the Church through personnel.
  3. Be responsible for supervising the support staff.
    • Work closely with the Office Manager in supervising secretarial staff.
    • Work closely with the Facilities Manager in supervising custodial staff.
    • Implement and enforce the Employee Handbook.
  4. Be responsible for day-to-day operations of the Church.
  5. Be responsible for the maintenance of all Church facilities.
  6. Be responsible for developing and implementing all mission endeavors.
    • Work closely with the Pastor in developing mission starts.
    • Work closely with the Missions Committee in origination, implementation, and evaluation of all mission activities of the church.
    • Work closely with Mission Pastors in their respective mission projects.
  7. Be responsible for the planning, implementation, and evaluation of all ministries and projects of the Church.
  8. To aid and assist the Pastor whenever duty calls.
  9. To not let my personal conduct put the Church and church leadership in any risk to loss of effectiveness.


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