Job Description—Senior Pastor

////Job Description—Senior Pastor

Job Description—Senior Pastor

XPastor has collected various job descriptions from churches, to aid you in preparing job descriptions for yourself or others on your staff. Below is the job description for the Senior Pastor of Northwest Bible Church in Dallas, Texas (over 1,400 in worship).

Reports to: Chairman of the Elder Board

Works with: Executive Pastor and Elder Board

Supervises: Associate Ministers to Singles

Scope: The Senior Pastor is responsible for shepherding the congregation through a ministry of preaching and leadership.

Word & Prayer (60%)

  • Study at a consistent depth for adequate teaching and preaching in the worship services.
  • Be consistent in prayer for the church and lead the church in prayer.
  • Plan, lead and preach at the worship services.

Church Leadership (30%)

  • Communicate the vision of the church to its members.
  • Serve as an Elder, leading the Board along with the Chairman.
  • Shepherd the staff by leading the spiritual life segment of the weekly staff meeting, with a focus on the Core Vision Team and worship leaders.
  • Participate as needed with the Executive Pastor in hiring of new ministers and annual employee reviews.

Ministerial Issues (10%)

  • Shepherd the shepherds of the congregation and missionaries.
  • Through the elders, accept a limited number of weddings, counseling appointments and funerals.
  • Minister by phone, email, letters, and in person to the body and community.
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