Job Description—Lead Pastor

////Job Description—Lead Pastor

Job Description—Lead Pastor

XPastor has collected various job descriptions from churches, to aid you in preparing job descriptions for yourself or others on your staff. Below is the job description for the Lead Pastor of Watermark Community Church of Dallas, Texas (over 8,000 in worship).

Responsible for leading the staff and church body in carrying out purpose and values of the church and to oversee and direct the teaching ministry of the church.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Encourage and shepherd the spiritual formation of the congregation as the lead teacher/communicator.
  • Nurture and communicate the vision for the church to all staff, leadership and laity.
  • Provide directional and visionary leadership for the ministry of the church.
  • Oversee and encourage multiplication of ministry (teaching, leadership, vision development) by developing and empowering both the staff and lay leadership of the church.
  • Oversee the planning and leading of worship services.
  • Lead the staff through appropriate direction, supervision, evaluation, counsel, care and accountability.
  • Serve the church as an elder and oversee board of directors.

Core Value Responsibility

Champion all values of church, especially:

  • Biblically based
  • Grounded in Grace
  • Passionate about Prayer

Working Relationships

  • Work with elders in overseeing the spiritual needs of the body and the integrity of the ministry as it relates to the church’s purpose and values.
  • Work with the staff to encourage and empower them toward effective balanced ministry.
  • Accountable to the Board of Elders

General Expectations and Responsibilities

  • Maintain consistent Christian testimony, stay fresh in relationship with Christ, effective with family and creative in ministry. Maintain relational, spiritual and professional trust with other elders and staff.


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