Background and reference checks are essential in screening staff. In this video, Matt Steen and Todd Rhoades, Co-Founders of Chemistry Staffing, talk with Tiffany Henning, Founder of HR Ministry Solutions. Matt and Todd explore the topic from the perspective of a firm that places candidates. Tiffany speaks from the human resource perspective. Together they provide practical advice on placing new staff members.

This video is brought to you by Chemistry Staffing and HR Ministry Solutions

About the Speakers

Tiffany Henning is a veteran in Church & Ministry HR with over 20 years of combined experience, earning her SPHR and CRPC.  In 2016, Tiffany founded HR Ministry Solutions, a faith based non-profit specifically created to simplify HR compliance and staff pain points for churches and ministries. She currently serves as the Chief People Person of HR Ministry Solutions, overseeing a team of HR Pros whose purpose is to help churches and ministries creat