As an experienced executive pastor, and as the founder of XPastor, I often have people contact me with questions about ministry. One of the most frequent issues that church leaders bring to me is about their staff:

  • This one guy isn’t performing, imagine that!
  • This woman is hard to get along with …
  • How can we find the right person for this open position?
  • This pastor is terrible in his role and I want to move him …
  • I don’t hire enough people to be very skilled at it, so what should I do?
  • We have great people but I want to help them grow to the next level …

Here are some things that you can do:

  • Get some help from a pro at staffing. If you are repeating the same “mistakes,” then discover what your blind spot is.
  • Read Bill Hendrick’s article, Good Fit or Poor Fit: How Can You Tell? Work through each of the items that Bill discusses. Bill Hendricks is a leader in the area of gift assessment.
  • Check out Bill Egner’s article on Hiring for Right Fit. Bill Egner is a seasoned XP in Fort Worth, Texas, and has great insights.
  • Do a search for hiring issues on XPastor.
  • Check out my article on The Cost of Hiring Mistakes.

It’s vital to have a church staff that knows and follows the vision of the senior pastor—acting as a team rather than random silos. Find the right people and make sure that they are in the position that is best for their gift mix.