Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Hey Fletch … We are developing a salary matrix where each tier of employment has ranges from low to max. I have been working on this, but wanted to know if there were tools or companies that do this for churches. Do you know of anyone who could help? Our Compensation Committee desires an outside organization to conduct the review.

DRF—I’m just finished my third book, Smart Money for Church Salaries. We will be doing twelve regional workshops in the fall on this topic. Your question is coming at a great time for me to respond.

You are asking about a vital area for churches. There are so many details to consider. Getting them all right prepares you to create a great salary grid. I have returned recently from doing a Compensation Audit for a large church.

The deliverables of an XPastor Compensation Audit include a 40+ page report showing comparisons, full salary grid, analysis of that grid, analysis of yellow and red flag items, and plenty more. You need to be compliant on the complicated issues of the Fair Labor Standards Act, FICA, SECA and more acronyms.

The plus is that you have an outside source evaluating your compensation levels. You want someone who knows church and church benefits—retirement, auto and cell allowances, and other insurance issues. 

Let me know the size of your church, staff and any cost centers (School, Bookstore, Camp, etc) and we can go from there.