Thursday, February 22, 2018

Hey David … I will become an Assistant Pastor within three months. Initially, this will be an unpaid position. It will become paid once the church can afford me. How do I expedite that process? Help is appreciated.

DRF—The first thing that comes to mind is to launch a culture of generosity. Help the church by telling stories of ministry. I recently was at a church with enormous reach in their city. All they shared in e-news was “come be involved.” They need to tell stories of how God impacted those going and those being served. This connects back to your church’s vision of serving the community.

In an Executive Education class at the Harvard Business School, I learned that stories demonstrate the reality of an organization’s vision statement. Show how vision is being lived out and invite the congregation to serve, give and pray. Who wouldn’t want to participate in their time and finances when they know of God’s impact?